Disruptive Technology, Actuaries and the Rest of Us

You shouldn’t use a spreadsheet for important work. I mean it. (http://lemire.me/blog/archives/2014/05/23/you-shouldnt-use-a-spreadsheet-for-important-work-i-mean-it/)

Annmarie Communicates Insurance

Disruptive technology — defined as a new technology that unexpectedlyFAST FORWARD displaces the established one — will change most professions.

In the future, we will collaborate in the Cloud through mobile technology and intelligent interfaces while monitors track our vitals and aerobic activity. Big data will be fed into mega computers that will automate calculations and analysis. Insurance will be based more on the individual situations of people and companies.

Artificial intelligence is already disrupting the medical field when computers can more effectively diagnose than doctors. Lawyers’ efforts to find precedents are already becoming automated and (sigh) computers can produce basic news articles.

Actuaries are not immune, as I explain in my article, “Fast Forward: Emerging Technology and Actuarial Practice.”Published in the American Academy of Actuaries’ July/August issue of Contingencies, I believe it highlights disruptive technologies that will affect all of us both professionally and personally. I hope you…

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